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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by DaveT., Jul 14, 2009.

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    Hi, I'm Dave from Sacramento, I work during the week in the Southbay, Mountain View area. Just finished my first one. It's a RAW MOTORS engine on a Schwinn SSX Cruiser. Came out pretty good. I did it to sell on craigslist, but I'm growing kind of fond of thing as I break it in. I'll insert some pics if I can figure it out.
    Also, I have a coaster break on the rear and the hub gets pretty hot. I took it apart again and reassembled as carefully as possible. It still gets pretty hot to the touch. Any Ideas?
    I'll post this also on the troubleshooting thread.

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    Hey Dave...Welcome!! High speeds put a lot of stress on a coaster brake, but many people here use them without any issues. I'm sure they chime in sooner or later. Pics you can't post until you make a few posts, Once you can click "go advanced" at the bottom amd manage attachments. You may have to shrink the pics. I use paint and resize to 40% because my 7mp camera has to big of a file to upload.
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    Welcome Dave to motorbicycling.com, the largest motorized bicycle forum on the world wide web.

    I have a coaster brake and went down a 9,000ft mountain and had no problems with my coaster brake. I always pack mine full of good quality wheel bearing grease and do it offend.

    Maybe you could add a front brake to help out the coaster brake.


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