Death of the LandRider

Sidewinder Jerry

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Dec 19, 2011
Rockwood, TN
Around 11 years ago I motorized a LandRider auto shift bike which shifted 7 engine/human driven gears automatically using a Staton Inc kit. Many told me it wouldn't work but through determination I got it to work.

I went on many enjoyable adventures with my LandRider bike that shifted gears automatically. Several times it helped me to get dates with women who'd see the bike and start conversations with me.

LandRider went out of business in 2016. It wasn't long before parts were scarce to come by without having to buy a used LandRider bike. Still I often fixed worn out parts to keep the bike running. I did some mods to the derailleur and it was working really good. Then the hanger broke on the the bike. Yes I could've done some fill in welding and grinding to fix the hanger. However, it wasn't too much longer after that I had to get another heart surgery due to a congenital birth defect. It was then I decided to build a triple chainring shifter along with introducing a unique shifting system that eliminates cross chaining, something I've always wanted to do. The new bike I'm building is a Schwinn Sidewinder.

Even though I know I'll go on many great adventures with my new bike, there's still a sadness in saying goodbye to the old one. It's like the loss of a close friend.


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Jul 13, 2010
I took a fork with shocks and put it on another bike. Did need to cut a bit off the neck tube on the frame to have enough threads. When all done I realized I had a 24 in wheel on the front of a 26 inch frame. Some how the frame was still level when shocks not compressed. Only thing is taking an extra inner tube now requires both 26 an 24 inch.