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May 23, 2008
I was wondering if there was any opportunities open to an organization like ours to sell and install these units. I operate a small auto repair business (2 techs, 1 apprentice. and wondered if this might be a viable opportunity to generate some additional income. With the price of fuel syrocketing like it is there has to be a market for these things. We are currently looking at fuel prices around $6.00 a gallon (imperial). My own chev 4x4 is killing me so badly i'm pedalling to work on my mountain bike.

Bikeguy Joe

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Jan 8, 2008
up north now
I know a lot of folks would love to import and build motorized bicycles....small-ish problem is buying 1200 of the bicycle motor kits at a time.


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Jan 27, 2008
Ptown, Texas
Welcome to the forum. I think higher gas prices are going to make the motorized bicycles more marketable. Where I live most people won't spend what I would have to have to sell a completed bike. But like BGJ said you might could do it if you bought 1200 engines at one time. Gosh, that would be lots of motorized bicycle building..............


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May 7, 2008
Houston, Texas
Wow, so many things involved here. In the U.S. one of five new ventures survive a full five years. Most last just three, (avg) Some go big within 6 months or less. The most important part is, DO I want this bad enough to make it work? :confused: Lots of headaches and heartaches too, BUT if you want and believe with all your heart ya have a slim chance to pull it off. The head of one of the biggest transport companys there is was facing the wolf.
He went to las Vegas and bet everything on a blackjack hand. He won. the
company is Fed Ex. I own a small co. myself, it's called (This is NOT Burger King. You will get it my way of you don't get the damn thing)rotflrotfl
Hope I have helped. Na all jokes aside a buissness is not for the faint of heart.


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May 23, 2008
i was just thinking of doing it on the side, you know on slow days, when the shop's not real busy with cars and trucks. thought i might start by picking up unwanted bikes at garage sales, and adding motors from various suppliers (ebay). this forum has given me a lot of ideas, but whether i can find a niche for the product is another story.


May 25, 2008
In mho, your in an awesome position to do it. The cost of scooters is skyrocketing and is the only real fiscal competition. You have the space, tools and customer base already! Even if you were only to charge time and cost, it is still productive, billable hrs. (Not that I am suggesting you do that) With the added bonus of not having a shop next door with the same product competing by price. If you are the only game in town, and your price for a kit or a completed bike are not price gouging, it is a very viable business opportunity. Many dealers will give you a volume discount when you buy a certain amount of kits at the same time.
I am working on a "Build your own motorized bike class" for a group of local vets. It is not for profit, but works the same as for profit "build your own.." any thing classes. The people taking the class buy the product and you show them how to assemble and use it. Just a thought.

Best of luck!!


Mar 8, 2008
There was an autobody shop in Colorado Springs that built these on the side when biz was slow. THe owner of the shop got tons of free advertising by donating a built motorized bike for the local hospital's children's wing raffle.