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Oct 3, 2020
A nice cold, snowey, icy, sleet filled day has me sitting at home thinking about my dad who passed away 3 years back at the age of 93 from Alzheimer’s disease. He was a WWII vet, who when he was discharged, took advantage of the GI bill and went to watchmakers school in KC Mo. While in school, he purchased a Cushman scooter to ride around town. After he graduated, he married, settled down, raised a family and started his own business.
He used to tell me of the time right after he married when he and my mom went back to his folks farm for a visit. My two oldest cousins were there with a bicycle they had mounted a Maytag washing machine motor on. Dad, wearing a brand new suit that he had just purchased decided to take the motorized bicycle out for a ride. All was fine until he hit a rut and wrecked the bike and ripped his suit pants. Mom was really ticked off, as it was all their savings at that point that bought the suit.
Every family reunion up till both of my cousins died, they ribbed my dad about his bike riding skills!
My dad up till his final days still wanted to purchase a motorcycle, I guess he forgot the butt chewing he got back then from mom !!
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Dec 29, 2008
And another most pictures are gone but these last couple pages.
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