Custom Clamps Made Easy for Motorized Bicycles

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    You know how improtant detailing is when your presenting your latest motorized bicycle build. You want everything just right. Well, I like all my cables and wires to flow with the design of the bicycle and be properly secured. So I buy stainless strips of different widths to make custom clamps. You can buy them as hose clamps for all sizes or in bulk rolls at most industrial supplies online. Once you determine what is to be clamped and to what, cut the strip to your estimated length with shears or snips. You can form the clamp with needle nose pliers, but I like to go one step further, so I made a forming die. It can be made of steel, wood or aluminum. I made mine from a scrap of 1/2" X 1" bar stock I had laying around. Drill several different size holes close to the edge and using a hack saw and file, finish the holes into "U" shapes.
    By placing your new die in the jaws of your vice along with a cut to length strip and a bolt or drill bit representing the size of your cable, close the vice and it makes a very professional looking loop in your clamp.
    Now form the strip around a socket or something similar the same size as the tube your clamp is giong to be used on. Bend out tabs on each end, center punch for the bolt and nut and punch or drill holes in the tabs. I like to use a Whitney punch. Round the edges or leave them square, your choce.
    You can make a single clamp for every cable, or put more loops in one clamp and support multiple items. I like to use a clamp or two on my wiring split loom for a finished look and to keep it away from the exhaust.

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