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    I’ve learned how a centrifugal clutch works in comparison to the stock clutch on the kits. That being said what would be the pros and cons of switching? Are you able to manually engage and disengage the clutch without changing the throttle position? Would going downhill with such a clutch speed up the engine rpm and engage the drive train? I understand the the concept behind the centrifugal clutch but any additional info is appreciated.
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    If you're referring to the one offered for the china 2 stroke kits, then yes. There is a one way bearing on it that allows for bump starting. You have to leave the original manual clutch installed if you want to pedal without the engine turning. When you come to a stop you don't have to pull the clutch lever, and you just twist and go.

    I did a YouTube video on how to make a spacer for the centrifugal clutch kit. They really dropped the ball on manufacturing them and made the case too thin. If you use your old over and cut it up you can space it out far enough and it'll work. Others have had success with using a stack of clutch cover gaskets.
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