Cruiser SeatPost (45º or 60º back)

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    Hi guys,

    Where can i find a cruiser seatpost with a 45 or 60º courve, like this one?

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    Several long-time members are likely to chime in any minute with a few sites to suggest right off the top of their heads. But I did mine on the cheap. I found a thread here that described how to use old handlebars (steel ones, that is) and cut them in the right place to make seat posts. They're the same diameter. BMX ones tend to have tighter angles. Old cruiser bars tend to have more obtuse angles. Get out a hacksaw or angle grinder and there you are.
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    Seat posts are not hard to fabricate if you have access to a lathe and a source of heat. Most seat posts, not all, but most, are one inch in diameter and tapered down to 7/8" where the saddle attaches. There are exceptions to those measurements.

    If you use 1" solid steel rod, machined down to 7/8" then heated and bent you can have the angle and length you need.
    I realize that everyone does not have access to the equipment I mentioned above but any metal working shop should be able to make what you need at a reasonable cost. I don't know about schools in your area but in the U.S, high school metal shops might be a place to look for low cost labor and materials. Befriend an instructor there and I'd bet you could have a seat post made for a very small fee.
    The handlebar suggestion mentioned is a good one but depending on your weight, tubing might not hold up and will bend. Solid steel rod weighs a bit more but you'll never bend it.
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    I thought about tubing bending with a larger guy? The only thing I came up with was filling the hollow tube with lead in which case a steel rod would be the same thing weight wise. last there is the chance that the welder could? did not weld a creation right? This is something for a good experienced welder!

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