Crank seal???

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    Yes, sorry for the delay, my puter went down and out this last Saturday and I just got it going again tonight, $500 later and I'm up and running again....dang-it


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    Looks like I need to replace my clutch side crank seal... again. I am finding oil near my small bevel gear and have a probably air leak that causes a lingering high idle, so thinking that is where the air leak is since I already o-ringed and RTVed the carb neck.

    When I replaced the seal about 150 miles ago, I used the one from PistonBikes: Engine Seal

    Is there a better quality seal available (14.8 x 27 x 7.5)? I may have just messed up the seal on install which would explain the early failure, or maybe my crank is so out of balance it is causing seal failures? Just wondering if there was a better seal that might last me a bit longer.

    I tried my local bearing/seal places and they had nothing in stock. I saw the thread on the guy going with a 15mm seal, but I would rather stick to the spec if possible...

    *** Update: I went ahead and ordered a new seal from since I wanted to be able to replace this over the weekend and the S&H from PistonBikes was quite a bit higher, something like $19 for 2 seals? Sheesh... I will be keeping an eye out for better quality seals, though. Hoping the 15 x 27 x 7 seals will work since it seems like several motorcycles use it as well.
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