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    Well it is up & running. The pick up from the CDI killed my speedo. Is there a mechanical speedo out there? The most important question I have is (CLUTCH DRAG) This clutch really drags. After it is warned up the holding position for the lever actually drags down the motor. You almost can't push the bike unless the lever is pulled all the way to the stop. I have been playing with electric bikes for a few years the observations are. E bikes are way quicker. E bikes are way quieter. E bikes weigh more. Gas bikes have more top speed. Gas bikes have more potential for fun. I am not completly happy with my ride yet. I am not sure I trust it yet the clutch issue is a problem for me.

    Jim C
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    You should be able to adjust the clutch cable to get rid of the 'drag' while the engine's running.
    Also, the clutch will loosen up as the engine breaks in.

    There are mechanical speedos out there; but I've read that if you just keep the CDI wires far from it, the digital one can still work.
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    most mechanical speedos don't seem to last. i've had a few NOS Stewart Warner's that burn out, probably because they're not designed for extended use at high speeds.

    i sent you a private message about the clutch...

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