minor bike philosopher
Jan 15, 2008
north carolina
I have been looking at some of the recent posts and I have to admit something. I just hate when people ruin a perfectly good myth with facts. Just seems a darn shame to do that just for the sake of full disclosure.

But then again it is the season for truth, lies, and half truths. It's just politics you know, as some famous Reverend said.

I have a brother who loves to forward me email he gets. Some of it is fact, some of it is myth masquerading as facts, some of it is god only knows what. At least here I can count on someone someday telling me what the facts are. Or can I?

That wasn't being nasty, it is just that I wouldn't know the truth about anything even if it bit me on the butt. Life is just too confusing for me.

One day nobody wants to drill an oil well, then suddenly everybody does, even Paris Hilton. Just too much for an old mill village kid to comprehend. So if you say it is a fact, I'm just gonna take your word for it, after all in a hundred years what difference will it make.