Clutch Slippage

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    Suddenly, my clutch started to slip while riding yesterday. I tightened the flower nut and it did not even make a difference. and yes, i cranked it down hard. adjusting it did not seem to help. I took the clutch disc off and sanded it and degreased it with rubbing rubbing alcohol afterwards. Still slipping. What are the general causes for this problem? thanks.
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    These clutch's are as simple as you can get.
    1) Clutch needs adjustment.. which you said you did. But did you do it correctly?
    2) Clutch pads are glazed or worn. Clean/replace pads.
    3) Clean pressure plate has oil/grease in it, clean plate (from bearing or dripping gas.
    4) Clutch shaft woodruff key is sheared. One on each end of shaft.
    5) Small crankshaft gear (right side) key sheared.
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    I too had a lot of problems with clutch slip. I solved the problem be filing the edges of the pads so they fit in the outer clutch gear without interference around the edges of the pad.

    It's best to start with brand new pads. Carefully file the edges so they fit easily in the outer clutch gear without having to force them in.

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