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May 10, 2014
old "sleeper" shows of the 60's and 70's.stuff never shown on American TV, and that I knew nothing of until a few years ago via YT.

just giving back for others than may not know of the old and forgotten or never known about shows - and which are not shown on Cable TV nor offered on Netflix - and then finding themselves liking and even buying the boxed DVD sets. (as I did) - the TV shows are encodes of my personal retail DVD set, and higher quality than the "older sets" of the same shows which do exist in the backwaters of YT.

----------no telling how long my Channel will last. YT is getting more Anal WRT to Copyreich Laws with each year. there was a time (2-3 yrs ago) when "Raffles", "Sandbaggers" and the TV movie "Threads"..........were there for months/years............................but since 2 yrs ago - all three have been removed (and all three are as obscure as **** - and even moreso when they are removed from disscovery via YT).

anyway my humble channel is here is anyone is interested