Chain guard won't fit/ stay on bike...

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    I have tried zip ties but on the chain guard where the hole is, it is too far back behind the frame where I am supposed to tie it down. I can upload pictures if needed... What should I do to try and fix this? Or are there any other chain guard alternatives? I want to be safe, I have been riding without a chain guard and keeping my left foot on the peddle up in front of the bike away from the chain. I have tried drilling a hole farther up in the chain guard so that I can tie that to the frame with a zip tie, but still didn't stay, plus I was using heavy duty zip ties that don't lock as well so I will try other ones but help would be appreciated, thanks.
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    I check to see where it will fit fairly level and then cut a slot an inch or so up from the end of the top piece - fold that part down and mount it. Depending on angle of motor & chain, I sometimes need to file the front hole a bit closer to the front to clear back of motor too.

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