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    Nationwide LLC has struck again. They sent me a Centrifugal Clutch with a 5/8" bore that wont fit a 212cc predator with a 3/4" shaft. My question is will a Centrifugal Clutch with a #41 sprocket work with a #415 chain.
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    415 won't work. Use 420 chain. Available at any motorcycle shop. Buy the oring chain if you can afford it, but not necessary. #420 is for the same width sprockets as #41 (.227w) but it is a real motorcycle chain with 41 rollers and 40 pins (.156 vs .141) and thicker side plates than either 40 or 41. On my 212 build the 41 chains overheated and kinked up real quick. 415 has a 3/16" width, too small.

    Btw if you need a half link for 420 which is impossible to find locally you can take apart a 40 half link, grind down the center thru post 1/16", and use a roller from 420 as the 40 roller may bind on your 41 sprockets.

    Here's a comparison of 41 vs 420: you can see a sheared pin on the bottom right of the 41

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    The #41 chain has slightly smaller rollers in the links

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