Chain Alignment on Schwinn 4 stroke Huasheng


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Jul 31, 2016
Title says it all. Having trouble keeping the chain on the rear sprocket. It just isn't aligned right or something. I'm afraid to ride it without the chain throwing over the handle bars. Anyone have any ideas what it could be ? I did have it on another bike without any issues. Would out to 30+ mph no chain issues at all. I'm looking into new mounting plates an hub sprocket adapting hoping that may fix the issue. But won't be a few weeks before I get to order them. . . :-||

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Mar 20, 2008
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There are several things to check for...

There's a good probability that the chain is slightly damaged from coming off the sprocket several times. (Check that it's still straight).

Are any of the rear sprocket teeth bent from the chain coming off?

Does the rear sprocket spin perfectly straight? (is it off center or wobble side to side when it spins)?

Is the rear sprocket in line with the engine sprocket?

Is there too much slack in the chain?

Rotate the rear tire 360* & make sure it isn't hitting the chain anywhere.

Check for any of these problems first. ;)
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