Center Stand?


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Jul 13, 2010
Funny how I remembered what you did with aluminum (slightly nicer than wood), but only after finding out it will probably stay without it. Just it has to be just in the right spot to hold. What is even more is (not to down play it) that the search on internet found where on biker forum, see the above picture where weld 4 little posts and notch to keep the darn thing from moving. I was ready to ride and thought just to remove the stand altogether. In the off road riding there usually is not a flat enough place on the trails anyway. At the park store I have seen some just rest the large 500cc commercial made dirt bikes against a tree. My second day riding on a fire road I saw a black wolf cross the road quickly and I just slowed a bit. That was a first!


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Dec 31, 2014
That's a great spot on the wolf MT! I'm still into mountain bikes and use my full suspension with front hub to cruise and watch the wild life and we have grand quantities of it. So the "dogs" prairie wolves, coyotes and even long tail cats follow the turkey and deer herds. They still spot me but without sound all the species seem more curious than alarmed.

Stands on MB or dirt bikes that don't often get off trail aren't important, but if riding is varied or tends toward road use they are quite important in my opinion, but I modify some of my bike drive off stands with 2" diameter "pads" and other mods to keep the stand from folding accidentally.

I noticed the pins welded in place on the photo and that was a good idea as well, but for many home welders welding the small diameter,thin alloy tubes of a bike frame isn't a good option even on a steel frame.

I rode MB for years with no stand and that worked out well on pedal bikes, but I went to stands with all motored bikes and wouldn't go back to stand less. I like my options better running with a stand.

Rick C.