call your mother


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Jul 21, 2008
coventry, RI
do it. once a week. or any parent, if you're blessed to still have one or both around.

tuesday morning, i got the news that my mother had been found dead on her kitchen floor sunday evening.

she had been gone for a few days. a neighbor had noticed there hadnt been any activity in a few days, and could hear Buster, my moms dog, barking inside.

my mothers health had been going downhill over the years. but she wasnt very old...66.

i didnt know it, but she's been in financial trouble, too. lost her job early december. she said nothing when i talked to her in december.
she said nothing to me, perhaps not wanting to be a burden. but i would have worked 10 jobs to keep her afloat.

she made some legal preparations, swallowed a bottle of pain pills and laid down on the floor right in front of the unlocked main door. so she would be found easily.

ive been second-guessing myself.."i shouldve called more. if i had, i'd have known her situations better" and so on. and its tearing me up.

besides her health and money issues, in Alaska, people suffer from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). there aint much for sunlight in the winters there. that does things to people.

call your mother. it could make all the difference.


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Mar 1, 2008
Aztlán, Arizona
Please except my deepest sympathy for your loss

My thoughts and prayers are with you. May you draw comfort from the times you enjoyed together-
the laughter, the successes, and joy.


Bikeguy Joe

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Jan 8, 2008
up north now

I am so sorry to hear this news. I lost my mother to a similar circumstance a couple of years back.

Yes, guys (and girls) call your parents, or anyone you love once in awhile, even if you have had differences in the past.


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Mar 21, 2008
Treasure Coast, Florida
Soo sorry to hear about your loss Spuout. I moved to be close to my mother after my father passed. She is 88 and I dont like to dwell on someday getting a call that she has passed away, or worse finding her myself, as I go to see her 3-4 times a week. I totally agree keep in touch with ALL your loved ones........


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Jul 21, 2008
coventry, RI
thanks, all.

yeah, joe, i remember the story about your mother and her living conditions at the time of her passing. i'm sorry for that, too. entire reason for ever going to alaska is gone, so i wont be going. thanks for the link, though.
her wishes were to not have a service and to be cremated. didnt want us all standing around beside her grave, being sad. and didnt want us to have added expense.
thanks, everyone.
Jul 22, 2008
I was gonna start my own thread until I saw this one. There are no words to express how sorry I feel for you,spunout.

I had a mother in law that lived with me for 17 years and I had endured a lot of lip biting but now that she's gone family only wished they had what I had even though it seemed to me they wanted as little of her as possible. She passed on a week ago and the services was yesterday.

My own mom is in New York.
Yes. I need to call her every day.
I'm gonna call her now.

Spunout,something nice the priest had told us at the service yesterday that would also apply to you.

Mom is always there now. Wherever you go in life,she is right there.