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    Hey guys, I have a BT-80 electric start bike that I'm currently repairing (nasty spill, shot wheels, busted carb, broken arm, the whole 9 yards) and upgrading, and I'm not sure how to do some wiring. I ordered a headlight, turn signals and flasher relay, brake/tail light, horn, and switch for all over the above (the left side control on motorcycles: horn/turn signal buttons, hi/lo beam toggle), and I was wondering if I hook all that up straight to the battery with a switch between to kill the lights when I'm not riding, or if I need to hook it up to the voltage regulator or something like that. That battery is just a small, 12v 7ah moped/motorcycle battery, and the headlight has an H4 35W bulb (which I would like to replace with a LED bulb if I can).

    My other issue is actually triggering the brake light, I can't seem to find any switches for mechanical brakes, everything seems to be for hydraulic brakes. I thought about putting a button in each brake lever (normally closed, so as soon as the lever is squeezed even slightly the circuit opens and turns the brake light on), but there wasn't enough room for a button. Any ideas?
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    Hello, I was just about to start a new thread on my Bullet train build on to a Huffy Cranbrook. Lots of wires for sure. Ill try to answer your questions.
    There is one spare set of wires orange and green set that is for a headlite or a horn. Use those for the headlight, however hi low wont work it will just be high beam. Any 12 volt motorcycle headlight that is LED or regular tungsten can be hooked direct also to the battery ground to the frame or engine and positive can be spliced into a positive wire or direct to the red battery terminal. The LED 12 volt headlites have the correct resisters in them already. I just ordered this on on ebay. I will hook it to the

    Here is what I am doing for working brake light. First off I am installing C rim
    brakes front and rear wheels. see link

    Then installing one of these that I will solder a positive jump wire so when my rear brake is squeezed it will complete the circuit and then activate 12 volt LED brake light. The thingy just attaches to the cable. Ive done this before and it works great for bikes.
    they are only 1.12 on ebay and have a built in single LED that lights up but I will only use the clamp part.

    or just use it as it is as it is bright for a single LED.

    Check my new thread out on my BT Build that I just started tonight, I am hiding all my wires!
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    for the brake light, you could try the brake lever for electric bikes as they sometimes have a switch for brake regen in them that could be used as a brake light switch
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    what about putting a switch on the brake instead of the handle? Would there be enough room there? Just a thought.

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