Broad appeal


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Mar 5, 2008
I'll have to say I'm somewhat surprised by the amount of good will a motorized bike can generate.Across the spectrum.Perhaps especially so for the retro cruiser styles.Last week on my way into town(small town,rural farm country)I met an oncoming pack of real bikers,earsplitting hogs.beards,colors,ect.No lawyers or accountants on these Harleys.As they roared by it was nothing but wide grins and thumbs up.I had a feeling if I had been on a Vespa or such I would probably catch a beer bottle up the side of the head.(Fairracer,LOL).
Well today I run to the truck stop and when I come out theres a gentleman checking out my bike with a lot of questions.Seemed like the type that would be celebrating California's new marriage laws.Not that theres anything wrong with that.I said 'checking out my bike',not me.After a brief conversation He says"Well thats just about the neatest thing I've ever seen.(add your own inflection).Is it just me or are wives the toughest sale.Ron