Breakin in a DAX 66 cc

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    I am puzzled by the performance of my Dax "70"cc. I am trying to get through the break-in period before I powder coat the bike and offer it for sale. So far it is pretty feeble on 20:1 mix. I also have a Gru Bee "70cc" Sky Hawk that as I remember wasn't such a weenie. This thing just sputters along weakly. I realize it has the cr--py 41 tooth sprocket rather than chrome dished 44 like the Gru-Bee but that shouldn't make it stutter and stammer like it's slobbering rich. Maybe I need to take the O-ring out
    of the carb tube I added??? It didn't come with one even though they sell them. It's a darn shame it is like this. Cosmetically it is a pretty thing with nice grips with built-in kill button, and chrome tank, muffler, and head acorn nuts, with the good pin lock clutch lever but the poor quality sprocket sucks and they are shooting themselves in the foot with 41 teeth for a feeble engine. The tank is even smaller than the Gru-Bee. I even had to profile the teeth of the rear sprocket on the lathe to keep it from eating the chain. I plan on putting a half-link in the peddle chain to eliminate the need for the idler wheel on the drive chain. Not much happening in the shop as it is hotter'n a goat's butt in a pepper patch out there. Keith Williams:-||
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    At what speed is it stutter and stammer at? Is it doing it all the time or just at low speed?
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    Sounds like your running rich Keith.

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