Brake handle location


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Jun 19, 2008
The bike is itching for the road, but you need brakes to stop right?? RIGHT!!! O the left side of the handle bars is occupied with the clutch of course, and the twist shifter for the from derailur. Know the left has the throttle then the twist shiffter for the rear and know i have no room for the the duel brake handle. I thought about sliding the throttle over to the right i little bit and fitting the brake in between. What do you all think. Let me know please i promise the pics will soon be up(^)^5(c)


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Jul 10, 2009
Worcester, MA
you can relocate shifters to the very inside (dont use them very often but just in case), followed by the brake levers...on the right you can fit the throttle and on the left you should be able to fit clutch lever to go under the brake...with sum adjusting, space the top of the locking pin tiny bit more than a fingers width from bottom of the brake...when i ride i usually grip the brake with my pointer and index and use the middle and pinky for clutch...if u're brakes are good u shouldnt need too much pressure to brake and switch fingers to clutch...hope that helps.drn2


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Sep 15, 2008
Littleton, Colorado
Taco speaks the truth. His suggestion is right on. The only limitation to moving the shifter inboard is the length of your bars. Even with short ones I've always been able to relocate the shifter to leave enough room for the rear brake lever and throttle grip.
I also do the same as he said for the right side with my front brake and clutch. After riding for a while you develope a hand/finger position that makes clutching and braking one smooth action. The more you ride, the smoother it gets.