Bought My Kit


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Jan 11, 2009
So today I got my tax refund and I bought my motor kit and 36tooth sprocket.
"80"cc kit from Bikeberry
36tooth thatsdax

I am going to buy the SCSW expansion chamber in a day or 2.

As soon as I get my kit I am going to trim the piston skirt for the intake and port the exhaust and intake.

I will post pic's, and I will be doing an installation tutorial when I get everything in.

Update. The bike I will putting the motor on is a Huffy 26" Tundra. It has a large downtube but I am going to make a good bracket to mount the motor instead of drilling the frame. I will be using the existing holes for the bottle holder to mount the motor I will take Pictures when I make it so other people can do the same thing.

I received my tracking information this morning so in a few days my kit will be here sweet.
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