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Jan 10, 2009
sydney australia
Ive just had a bit of a vision of an easy to make boost chamber, I haven't made or tested it yet but i thought i'd share now anyway. I have recently bought and fitted a 49cc engine to my bike, my initial thinking was to cut down my intake manifold before the elbow, I tryed this but it didn't really do what i was hoping for, the engine seems to rev out easier down hills etc, but feels like it has lost some chugging power.
Since then i have been reading up on boost bottles and boost chambers a little bit, i have read that your bottle should be the size of your engine capacity. That sound too neat for me, and doesn't take into account flexibility of your bottle/s or hose if used. i want one i can tune in myself and play with, anyway heres my plan. Im getting a manifold made up that with holes along it that i will insert a number of threaded CO2 canisters(from tire inflaters), that i will bore out the holes on. I'm thinking a nice v8 stack, but i'll see. Then i can remove them and plug the holes to tune it in.(or add more if bigger seems better).
I'm waiting on a new manifold to arrive after butchering the last 1, so wont get to try this for a while. I will post my results when i do. If anyone wants to try it before me you are welcome to. I hope i explained it well enough. If not ask. I am not a mechanic, this is just an idea i had and thought i'd share.TRY AT OWN RISK. Please post any results, or comments
J Roberts


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Jan 16, 2008
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I've played with the boost bottles made an adjustable one and different sizes and shapes etc. My opinion is don't waste your time get a tuned pipe and dremel your ports,match up the gaskets etc.