bike trailer diy


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Jan 15, 2008
north carolina
bike trailer plans from pvc. I have two of these I made one with lawn mower wheels one with bike wheels. It is my design so I don't guarantee your success with it. I think it will cost under fifteen bucks plus the cost of the donar bike at the thrift store. Mine was six bucks on half price day. It is a download file sorry too large to get on as a file.
simple bike plansrtf.rtf

Oh i forgot the hitch is an L bracket bolted to the tongue through the elbow. It seems to hold up pretty well but I would check it now and then to be sure. you might also want to add a triangular brace from the bracket back to the tongue to stiffen it some. A simple triangle of any thing would do.
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Jan 16, 2008
pampa texas
Ok Deacon now I'll post a pic. of how to go a little extreme on a trailer how about a little wide tire for the rear as that seems to be the rage and more power just a little and 4-stroke. 5-HP briggs burning alcohol this will lite up the tire for those tire smoking burn outs everyone loves and burning alcohol I love the smell. notice the exhaust no muffler and this thing will hurt your ears. and its not taken to the limit yet. Whats inside if this engine is what counts and not pretty out side stuff. I'm not a fan of chrome or billet unless I make my own.rotfl