Bike Berry Can't work out problem.


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Oct 12, 2018
First of all I wanted to work with this company and live in Florida. Shipping does a a while. i ordered Mag rims and they where defective.I did say wanted store credit and then only gave $35 when product was over $1000 when shipped both rims back and coasted money. They messed up and I called several times. Their customer service and calling center are not the same. This return has been going on for over 2 monthes than 2 months more and still don't have. I am very against doing business with Berry Bikes and want to let people know. They don't work with you! I got the Mags and would not ship same product I ordered when I spent over $30 to send back and time. Berry Bikes is not a good company and good luck returning a defective product..people need to know I had the worst experiences with this company and don't want anyone to experience this. Over 30 emails and 5 calls. Bad company if have defective idem. Jut want people to know and hope you don't go threw what I did. I build bikes in South Florida and don't need this wait and stress. If have questions i'll be happy to answer. Berry Bikes are on my bottom list! Good Luck All!

Please let me know if in South Florida (Broward)

Ride Safe!