Bicycle Motor X 2!

Bikeguy Joe

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Jan 8, 2008
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No, not a twin engine motorized bike....

Here are two Dax 70cc engines. The clean one is a bearing engine, the used one a bushed engine.

Notice the obvious differences-

Acorn nuts (bushed)vs. double wide open nuts (bearing).
Chrome welded up intake (bushed) vs. cast aluminum (bearing).
Rubber grommet for mag wires (bushed) vs. nothing (bearing).
M8 studs (bushed) vs. M6 studs (bearing).
Carb float chamber drain (bushed) no drain (bearing).
The casting is better on the bearing engine.
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Mar 8, 2008
The new bearing Dax engines look very similar to the boy don't go fast engines I purchased off of fleabay. I wouldn't be surprised if they were identical.

Seems like going from M8 to M6 studs is a step backwards? The bushing Dax 70 was a stout engine although it vibrated a little at higher speeds. Only time will tell how well the bearing Dax holds up.

Bikejoy, there was something bugging me about your post and it took me a bit before I figured it out. WHY AREN'T THOSE ON A BIKE?