Better late than ever- Arizona's own Bigfoot

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    Rumored to live in the pine forests if northeastern Arizona, this auburn colored Sasquatch, is extremely elusive.
    Nope I just don't like people, they smell funny. I don't hide you just don't look.

    For real though, I'm Chris, 25, and I'm a...
    Well I own a China Girl and that can't be healthy, I'm also into RCs (electric, land based), fly fishing, hunting, I guide from time to time. I'm a rifle enthusiast, and if you have anything negative to say about that, then let's fight, no keyboards.
    I was raised by my grandfather, a Marine in "The Land of Bad Things" a welded for BNSF Railroad for twenty years, a MCSO deputy for another twenty, a Tang Soo Do Master, and damned if he wasn't the single best human being I have ever met. My mother passed away last year from Chron's after a weel on life support, I was the next of kin...
    Enough negative. I'm a plumber, currently, and a Jack of all trades and I love to teach, anything. I also love to learn, hence buying a China Girl, even after all my research, this design just has so much raw potential, and is so simple it's hilarious. Millions of people spending TRILLIONS of dollars they don't even have to drive cars they don't really need, it just boggles my mind. When I was a little kid I would watch my mom struggle mightily with whatever jalopy she had at the time, trying to feed and maintain the heap, and thought even way back when: there has got to be a better way. .xx.I'm not saying its the China Girl, and I'm not saying Its for everyone, all I'm saying is; I'm giving it a shot.
    The China Girl is so simple in design and function, it has to be possible to build it bulletproof and then some.
    Besides if and when it does handgrenade, I won't have to abandon it on the side of the road and pay a row Bill and disposal fee, and a five hundred dollar fine on my licence. All that is taken care of now but try as I might I can't push a 9000lbs diesel home. The ship weight on my kit was 25lbs.
    Say what you want about the China Girl but first, walk 50 miles ONE WAY to work for six months, it takes about two days, that means three days a week you make money, and you think of them as days off. I'm not walkin right now damnit! dance1
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    Welcome to the forum. I watched one of those shows where they were looking for bigfoot on the Mogollon Rim. I think they are more likely to find an ET at Dreamy Draw.

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