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    I rode my bike for about 9 months weather permitting and then snap.
    When I first built the bike the 415 chain had a cracked roller from having the Harley shop use their chain breaker. I didn't notice it and the master link came apart twice messing up a couple spokes. It ran alright with a new 41 chain and a couple bad spokes for about 700 miles and then one day on the way home from work it was over. I think partially because I'd gotten a new roller bearing tensioner and to achieve chain alignment the metal bracket was inside the frame set instead of outside so when the chain caught it pulled the tensioner into the wheel. I now have two tensions that line up better.
    My next move was to try to order a wheel. I didn't know that the Grubee wouldn't accept a multi-speed freewheel, week one.
    Then tried to order a Manic Mechanic for my existing hub but too cone shaped. Next move measure bike shop hubs and get approval from Manic Mechanic. Would have worked but when wheel came in it wasn't the same hub as we had measured at the bike shop they upgraded me to an LX.
    Bike shop then built a wheel using the hub that we had originally measured looks good but somehow creeped up to $212.00 not what I intended.
    Picked it up got home and realized it wouldn't fit the hub adapter Manic had rushed me. I'd told the bike shop that it had to be the same number of spokes but we missed that part.
    Sent the wheel and hub adapter to Manic Mechanic so he can make the first 32 spoke adapter. Jim and Karen have been great and I don't doubt that I'll have one of the sweetest wheels around.
    I decided if I picked up a junk wheel and put the rag joint back on I'd at least be able to ride over this holiday weekend but I didn't know there are different axel lengths. After getting the sprocket back on, the wheel was too narrow for my Giant. Shimmed it and took one ride but with about three threads holding on both sides have decided to wait until the new wheel gets here. I have health insurance but what about the bike.
    It's been almost 8 weeks since this ordeal began but now as soon as this bike is running I am going to start a second build. Hopefully one spare will be enough.

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    That's a sweet ride ya got there, sorry to hear about your troubles. I'm actually about to buy another bike just for the wheelset, brakes, and front shocks, although I've not busted a wheel (yet). I'm sure it'll happen sooner or later, but for now it's just cause I'm switching to a disk brake front end.

    It seems I can get two nice alloy rims, obv complete with tubes and tires as a complete (new) bike for less than just the wheels - let alone everything else that comes with it lol

    It's an odd world to be sure o_O
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