Been 6 Years, but im finally on two wheels again. (4 month update)

Sep 7, 2008
So its been awhile since I last posted on these forums. Around six years I've been stuck driving four wheel death machines, Very miserable experience But I am finally proud to say I am a proud Onyx RCR owner now.
Its been about four monthe's since i took delivery and I have already logged more than 1k miles on the bicycle. It took a lot of soul searching to finally break down and buy a pre-built electric bicycle/moped but I am very ex-static about the build quality, low maintenance and range this bike allows me without to much drama, blood sweat and tears that my previous attempts with a very limited budget and subpar components in the past with the DIY aspect of bike building. There are certainly areas for improvement like adding ammo/pelican saddle bags to add additional reserve battery packs and quick keyed battery switch rated for Amperage and interlock. Im looking to drop at least an additional 100Ah's as well a solar/VAWT trailer for complete independence from electrical grid.

With that said the bike hauls ass and when in eco mode I've driven 60 miles on a single charge with stock battery configuration and my +260LBS 6'4" frame.



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Nov 28, 2012
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Yep ebikes are nice.

Be aware that the onyx speedometer is rigged to show a few more mph. At 54mph it is showing 60. That is how they claim their bikes go 60mph.

If you want a big battery I can build you a 72v 60ah for $1300, or 120ah for $2500. A 60ah is 13x8x6”. On my ebike pushing 24000 watts I get about 55 miles from the 60ah.
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