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  • hey footie, not bad, I just got my new gearbox installed i had to buy a $10 tool at harbor freight to custize chain length with it. motorcycle chain breakers rock, used to have to dremel linkages out but this is smooth as butter. ill probably be working on my bike today, gotta figure a way to start the engine seeing i broke the recoil starter.
    my chain broke and I got a new one but it was to big, but i have one from my other kit just need to put it on.
    I would like to meet up with you some time, its hard to find people that know about these bikes. sorry i seen the pub post late.
    And this is going to be my new constant veriable tranny ill be buying soon to be treat my engine better on low rpm take offs and possibly make hill climbing easyer. CVT Gear Box Drum 2 Stroke 49cc Pocket Super Bike X2 | eBay
    sweet! their a hella lotta fun to ride, this is probably my fifth engine swap, hoping this four stroke will be a little more robust. As i am horribly abusive of my toys. One thing to note! allways have a properly installed muffler. without one your going to end up blowing/burning your gaskets and leaking oil if not siezing the piston up.
    Im in mid town. I have a SkyHawk GT2B 48cc on a old Schwinn. I have another motor I think im going to put it on a mountain bike. The hills suck, but it ride nice on flat land. I need to get ever thing adjusted right. I haven got to really ride it like i want yet.
    yep, thought about getting a sick bikes/manick mechanic shifter kit. little to expensive for me, plus the weakest link is in the quality of your derailer. I moved to a frnt wheel electric hub motor then gave that up for a four stroke demon motor kit ill be rocknig a cvt on it soon for more torq at low speeds and to really assault those hills. ACtually i mainely ride around in ralston but will be moving the the benson area this weekend.
    lol, it like that everywhere.

    Where do you ride at, do you have problems getting up hills?
    Afraid so. its a allright place just not really a industry for these and my other skill sets. not to mention its like a warzone out here theirs allways freaking shootings going on here!
    Hi, I see your from Omaha, you still there? I would love to talk to you about these bikes.
    so you have a kicker kit? how did the build go, and how much you put into it? thinking about getting their 250cc v2 kit down the line.
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