Beach Cruise Hybrid Mk 3 Progress Update


Feb 25, 2020
Hi Guys! Just want to let you know about my progress on version 3 of my search for the perfect bike for older guys like myself.

Just finished testing the 24 volt motor/generator setup we added to the pedal drive train system that we added to our bike, so we could continue to exercise while running on gas power. Can hardly wait to test her out on a test ride but that will have to wait until the 500 watt front electric wheel kit arrives by slow boat from China.

Amber says the kit is still on ship, please wait patiently. I will keep an eye on it. Thanks. Regards Amber A professional manufacturer of e bike kit Nanjing 100G Smart Tech Co., Ltd A27-130, NO.199 Muf
u East Road, Gulou Dist. Nanjing, China

The first thing I learned from my little test was, the rear axle seems to be slightly bent allowing the seven speed cassette to wiggle. Hoping someone here has some advice on changing out axles on Schwinns. I can't even figure how to remove the hub dust cap myself.
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