Attention:KTM, Morini & DeNardis owners & fabricators.

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    I am starting two builds simultaneously.
    1. DeNardis 60cc. Liquid Cooled competition engine with 23mm. race carb.
    2.125 cc. 4 stroke fully automatic with electric starter.

    My most recent completed bike: 9.5 HP Reed Case Racing Engine from Dave Rust of Arrow Motorized Bicycles was effortless to mount and performs brilliantly. I look forward to the next race at the Grange in Apple Valley in October. I have spent several weekdays breaking it in and practicing on the track which I had all to myself{weekdays are awesome at the Grange}.

    My question is does anybody run there KTM , Morini, or DeNardis engines without a shift kit? I plan on starting the welding and fabricating of frames and motor mounts over this upcoming holiday weekend. I would hate to finish all my TIG welding and not have incorporated a needed shift kit. I appreciate all your responses and input .
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    Most racers don't run shift kits with those engines...a few do however. No motorcycle transmissions are allowed and proper pedaling system is required.

    Don't forget your full face helmet and race gear in October...see you there.

    Welcome to the forum (^)

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