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    So far, it's only happened in Glendale, AZ, but someone is putting bombs inside the big, yellow 6V flashlights, and leaving them where people will find them. There have been two incidents reported so far; so, thankfully, no serious injuries, but the devices have detonated. IF you find ANY flashlight that you don't recognize, (and, on our bikes, we would probably be more likely to see something ... interesting than someone in a car would,) DON'T TOUCH IT - CALL 911.

    The safety department at work forwarded the info below to us:

    Originally Posted by Arizona Counter Terrorism Center
    GLENDALE, Ariz. – In the past 24 hrs the Glendale Police Department has responded to two separate detonated improvised explosive devices in Glendale. Both explosive devices were housed in a standard 6 volt yellow handheld flashlight (see photograph below). In the two separate incidents, a yellow flashlight was located by a citizen, which had been left outside in the open. When the citizen attempted to push the button to turn the flashlight on, the device detonated. Thankfully, no one was seriously injured in either event, but Explosive Ordinance Experts say that these devices were built to inflict serious injury.
    As a standard, these two investigations are being worked by experts from various local agencies as well as federal entities, with the Glendale Police Department designated as the lead investigating agency. Explosives experts are asking that if anyone finds a flashlight left out, no matter what color or shape, which they don’t immediately recognized as their own, to call 911 immediately; DO NOT attempt to touch or manipulate the flashlight in any way.

    this is not a joke people

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    I saw a story on this on the local news,,,
    idiots are everywhere I guess :(

    thanks for the 'heads-up' though !!! (^)
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    I can't believe the ingenuity. if it would be put to building bikes, instead of this stupid stuff....
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    Did not hear anything about this? Thanks for sharing Paul, I know if I saw a 6v flashlight on the side of the road my first thought would be " Cool! A new headlight for my bike". I defiantly would have picked it up.

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