artist formally known as HuffyCruiser


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Nov 19, 2008
Manchester TN USA
As my life long role model "Prince" accomplished I have achieved a name Change.

Many reasons led up to this decision but when i originally joined the forum I was in a rush and did not consider my identity. Really, whats in a name. Many of you I have chatted with and replied to posts and I am glad that there are so many friendly helpful members here that I plan on hanging around for a while.

For those that do not know we have had a very rough couple of years here in Florida. 4 hurricanes wiped out our ranch house. The economy went south and I haven't been able to find any work at all. We were living in a mobile home during this last summer and hurricane Fay decided to burn us out.

So we have decided to make a clean break and move out of state. Our plan is to "Head west young man." We are getting our affairs settled here in Florida and moving by jet to Las Vegas, Nevada.

By some miracle i convinced the wife that with gas prices being what they are things not likely to get better soon there is a market for MB's. So aside from better prospect of Computer engineering work out there we are gunna build us some Motor Bikes Yeee Haaawww

So look out world there is gunna be a bunch of Monkeys on Motor Bikes!


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Sep 15, 2008
Littleton, Colorado
Huffy, ooops, Monkey, sorry,
Wave when you fly over Denver. Best of luck and keep in touch with all of us here. We'll be waiting anxiously for the MonkeyBikes to hit the streets. Keep us informed on the project...and, hey, if you need a Denver contact keep me in mind. thatsdax and I are here to help; him with parts and I'll offer a little labor if you have a Denver area customer who needs help.