Any way to add a front brake to a huffy cruiser with no mounting tabs?

Jan 21, 2015
Portland, Oregon
I recently had a guy come up to me and ask if I could take a look at his bike and see what's wrong with it. Turned out to be a really easy fix, took me all of 5 minutes, but I noticed that the bike has nothing but a rear coaster brake on it. Any easy way to add some sort of front brake without replacing the fork?


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Oct 30, 2016
Hood River, Oregon
Does it have a disc hub?
Probably not.

If you want to add a v brake to the front, use this plate:

Is will definitely help as long as the brake you choose is quality. You will have to find a way to mount that to the fork like this picture: Bike/IMG_5323.jpg.html
Some kind of clamp, weld, or small bolts would do this.

I saw your ad on CGL by the way. Good idea.
Jan 17, 2015
That's a nice, what I call 'horseshoe' for adding reliable v brakes. But if you don't or can't spend the 25$plus...get a cheap-o mt. bike fork and hacksaw the horseshoe and it will bolt on like a caliber brake unit and the cut tabs will keep it from moving.


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Feb 28, 2010
There is always a hole in all huffy front forks, Its there for the horse shoe brake pivot bolt. I use long reach pull brakes. these fit all huffy forks.
I call 'em C-brakes. One mount hole is there front and rear for any fenders.
V brakes on the other hand mount to posts on the frame or fork and much better.

But, anything is better than just a coaster brake, ESPECIALLY on a frig'n Huffy coaster!

I don't build anything with just one brake and occasionally put front and rear C's on coaster brake bikes, even good ones like the Micargi Touch.

The trick is to attach both C's to a single dual-pull lever on the right so you don't interfere with the clutch lever.

3 brakes and you stop pretty good ;-}