Any Reccommendation Helpful


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Dec 12, 2008
west-central Illinois
I am doing a build on a Worksman 20" straight top bar
bicycle with the CH80 and SBP shift kit. The bicycle is a
heavyweight. I need some reccommendations on what rear
hub to use. The areawhere I live is level with some hills. To
find hills , I will have to ride in the country settings. I am
stuck with the decision of Statons NuVinci CVP Hub, but I
read somewhere that there is a whole lot of hand twisting
that goes on. The next choice is an internal gear drive but
they do not bother to tell you if it has a chromo-axle. The last
choice is an derailer cassette, but do not find much information
, mostly Shimano. Any help would be great !


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Nov 19, 2008
Manchester TN USA
i would look at just a regular internal 3 or 8 speed hub most bang for your buck with SBP kit. Run a free wheel in the back and a good set of brakes. As far as what type of hub it has drop by a local bike store and see if they have some installed they should be able to tell you what options they came in and a part number that way you can order online if you don't get one from the bike shop. I don't mind paying a couple extra bucks to the bike store as i have a human to talk to when buying parts and repairs or setup

Thats my 2 cents