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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by blacktop_sailor, May 21, 2008.

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    May 21, 2008
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    Greetings all, new guy here from Round Rock Texas.
    I've been lurking over at the other forum, and here for a while too, as I've always been interested in energy efficient transportation.
    I originally got interested in motorized bicycles because I think America has gotten too Luxury SUV oriented, so I looked at what the rest of the world used to get themselves around.

    I like the idea I see here, since it gets back to the roots of how personal transportation became motorized in the beginning.
    There's just something primal, and pioneer-ish about it.

    Well I finally found a bike that I'd like to take a shot at motorizing, so I'll post up some pics in the appropriate forum, and hopefully get to know a few of you better as I work my way through getting motorized myself. :)
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    Jan 27, 2008
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    Welcome to the forum. Lots of motorized bicycle enthusiasts here. Don't be afraid to ask questions. We have some very talented people on this forum.

    I'm from the other end of Texas, just about as far north as you can go and still be in the State..........................:ride2:
  3. Bikeguy Joe

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    Jan 8, 2008
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    Welcome to the'll be on a motorized bicycle before you know it.

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