another newbie [Darwin, Australia]


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Sep 17, 2008
Hi all,

I am another guy trying to save money on petrol. An old guy came into my shop on one of these bikes and I got talking to him about it and he put me on to the zbox site. I got the 66cc motor, and just got it working today.

I had bought a $99.00 Kmart bike on special but when the motor arrived I found it would not fit in the frame - not enough room between the pedals and the top bar. So I went to the "Dump Shop" [at the local tip] and picked up another bike from there for $25.00. It needs a little TLC, I still need to take a little buckle out of the back wheel, but I'm having trouble finding anywhere that sells a spoke spanner.

The kit went in easily, it took about six hours or so and I'm no great mechanic and that included time going to get some misc tools and a puncture repair kit etc.

I was astounded when it started first go!!!

I got quite a few questions, but I'll make some new threads in the other sections. For now, here's the first pics:



Jul 8, 2008
Wayne National Forest
Greetings Merlin,

Welcome to the group. Any links to places with old vintage parts ya can post are greatly welcome. Is there much old bicycle stuff about where you live ?
Good market for it here ! If ya find some old bicycle junk yards post some photos for us please. :)