Another Denver area guy


Staff member
Sep 15, 2008
Littleton, Colorado
Hello everyone. Why didn't I discover this hobby years ago? What a great way to have fun, meet like-minded people and use some of my creative / mechanical talents. I'm currently awaiting my first engine kit, should be here tomorrow, and spend my first weeks as a semi-retired engineer enjoying the bike that I've owned (and peddled) for five years. It's a cheap-o mountain bike but American built and sound. I've upgraded the brakes, installed lights and horn and fabricated a stand to allow engine running while sitting on the garage floor. Now all I need is the engine and I'll be on my way. I have a forty year background in mechanical engineering and design, currently working as a facilities manager for a manufacturing company in Denver but going to part time next week. If it wasn't for a 40 mile commute I'd consider using the bike but that's 40 highway miles, 80 a day and probably a little much for an MB. Looking forward to learning and maybe contributing a little to the forums. I was fortunate enough to meet Duane of this past weekend at a car show. He was riding a nice rack mount Titan. Too bad I didn't see that before I ordered my 2 stroke. Ah time. Thanks for allowing me to be a part.