Analog Speedometer review

Bought one of these cheesy things on Ebay. The dial has two checker flags with the word Sports above the trip meter. The dial is graduated in MPH with a wheel RPM scale. The innards is full of plastic gears. Construction is poor at best. The one I received was defective. The trip meter works but the speedometer pointer never moves. The rotating magnetic coupling jumps up and down when the spindle turned. But hey,WTH. You can't expect perfection for 16 dollars and free shipping, can you? I don't recommend this particular one. Don't know about others.
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Jan 8, 2016
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Too funny, Not sure what sounded worse, the checkered flags, the plastic gears or the stuck needle. Lol. Yep they are cheesy but its all we have unfortunately, unless you want one of those medical looking ones that look like they belong in a doctors office to check your temp.
One would think some company would make one that looks analog but is digital , with a digital speed needle, has room for some real batteries, uses LED tech for a backlight that stays on for night riding. Every one now, the back lite is on for like 1 sec then shuts off, what good is that. They are all the same junk. Isn't like there are not 100 bazillion bikes out there.

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Feb 14, 2015
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I bought one of those Speedos too with the checkered flags. I attempted to mount and and just said to **** with this pos. It's brand new still in the box. The only thing I used was the bracket for something else which I believed broke. So it was a waste of money, not much but still a waste.


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Aug 18, 2009
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I've had a few vintage Stewart Warner speedos, an AMF one, and a coupla others.

They all broke, were totally inaccurate, and not worth wasting money on. They just aren't designed to go that fast.

I did find a strange little VDO speedo that mounts to the fork that kinda works. The needle is unstable at 30+, but it looks cool.