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    Well I actually posted already but then saw this so I will introduce myself. I have been thrust into the world of motorized bike by aquireing ( somewhat unintentionlly) two different 48 cc motors. I have th GRUBEE GT2 Skyhawk ( Kings Motor Bikes) and one from Bikeberry called the Flying Horse also 48 cc.

    I bought a 3G Isla Vista bike for the builld and pretty much got everything together and just need to treat the inside of the gas tank with Kreem - hook it up and go. I could write/video a documentery on the pitfalls of installing this stuff already. I actually plan on doing a video on the different challenges I faced ( pretty clean install though) on this paticular bike.

    I got here because I am having trouble seating the CNS carb to the motor and started a thread in 2 stroke forum looking for help. In the meantime I just used the other basic carb to move forward. Now that I am here I am soaking up all the great info from a few people here to give me a better understanding of the larger picture in terms of maintainance, break in and such... ( Thanks GearNut)

    Look forward to being a part of the community!
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    Welcome to the forum. We always suggest making use of the Google Custom Search feature located at the top of each page. Type in a key word/s, such as "CNS Carburetor", and you'll find plenty to read on the subject. Chances are that any question you can think of will be answered. If you need specific help, we're always here.
    Good luck, ride safe.
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    Hey fugit, welcome to the forum glad you joined us.

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    Yes welcome!

    I have been mostly a DIY stuff using Briggs 4 stroke engine builds, but the idea of how to attach a carb that did not fit where I wanted and not particularly for the engine or airfilter I can attest to doing some tinkering there.

    I made adaption plates homemade and with other spare manifold elbow bends from all different engines.

    You may see my thread at
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