age ,occupation etc..


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Oct 13, 2008
treasure coast fla.
Hey every body,
50 yr old,Male ,Divorced,1 son in Colorado.
ASE master tech of 30 years. Prior military.
Work in the chain store tire and mechanic shops.
My ride is on a Wally world Roadmaster and A bgf 80cc kit.
Been riding faithfully since june or july(i forget).
Been so long the truck battery is dead.......
Ride 3miles to and from work daily.
Havent modified the bike in any way as it is a means to an end.
Built 2 other bikes for friends 1 never paid me for the install and disapeard,the other
decided this isn't for him after he got ran of the road by a 4 wheeler.
he gave the bike back and then i sold it to recoup.
Totaly enjoy my bike as I never rode motorcycles or carts.
This forum is great!!!
Hopefuly next build a chopper bike. Love em.........lworider1lworider1


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Aug 7, 2008
nice little survey!

16, male, single, family in nh.
in high school, part time jack of all trades.
riding a rebuilt huffy mountain bike with china 70cc since October
bought the kit to ride to have something motorized i could take on the road.
haven't had it long but i love it and will be trying all the mods i can, doesn't seem to run well in the winter though... maybe its my mix again... gotta stop eyeballing that stuff.

hopefully build a full suspension.


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Jul 22, 2008
college station tx
male 22 maried 5yrs two kids boy and a girl
never left my town of college station TX pure blood native
been riden for 3 yrs have one working right know rack mount 40cc life fast good motor hate the place i bought it from 4 happy times and one pit bike swap motor puting cvt 2 speed tran on it

builder performace mod builder and sponsered racer of motorized bikes
i dont fear the 50 and up mph speeds i have done record i whant to do is 100+ on the salt flats
on a motorized bike

every one has started calling me scooter thats all i ride

i work at a place called potato shack and deliver on motorized bikes there

and build and sell motorized bikes as well

use to be in a band named anxious fate
i can the bass guitar drums synth keyboard sound tech theater tech for 3 yrs
if you are ever in my neck of the woods hit me up im up for a ride

Bikeguy Joe

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Jan 8, 2008
up north now
There is another thread just like this going....but I'll jump in here too.

Self employed genius visionary/bike builder/restorer/thrill seeker.

Ex musician, used to play everything but the drums (although I did stand in on a gig as drummer....uh, yeah.) Recorded two CD's and a single.

Was "killed" by drunk driver on Dec. 30 1997 for three+ minutes, but they got me going again....long recovery. The drunk dissapeared after her court date and was never seen again- no "I'm sorry" no restitution, nothing!

I own a pile of bikes and motorcycles including a 1961 Cariolo Bondone 100- the only one known to exist in the U.S. of it's type in original condition.

47 years old, married for 25+ years, four daughters, all grown and moved out.

Anything else? Yeah, a bunch, but I won't bore you with it..wee.

O.K., maybe I will, I used to race canoes....I still hold a record with my Dad for the Mahoning River Challenge" We beat the record in our class by a whopping 6 minutes (the race was up stream, around a pylon, and back downstream to counter act and current advantages or dis-advantages.)
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