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Nov 6, 2008
Ontonagon County,Upper Michigan
You Need One Doing A Burnout With A Little Smoke Behind Him

I imagine you are looking for the guy that's filled this site with them and that's me. Been delivering them at

I can do one of those. Any preference to the kind of bike? Color of bike, type of motor (HT, dax, electric, etc.) I'll do one of your bike if you'll post a pic for me even.

Do you want him doing a burnout before taking off or maybe holding the brake, standing over the bike and making lots of smoke?

Colors for clothing jeans? Color of shirt, long or short sleeve? Full dress in black leather?

Pretty much anything goes, my friend, just let me know if you would like anything in particular.
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freewheeling frank

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Mar 10, 2009
ridgway colorado
got a new vid cam today and will post vids as soon as i can figure it out sposed to snow tonight so could get goofy matbe use it as a model? just in case somewhere thereis a thread of russian guys.. well havin alotta fun in the snow