ac or dc


Jun 9, 2008
ok so i would like to put a bigger light on my bike put i have read that some of the motors are putting out ac. how do you check and see if it is or isnt ac or dc.

i have a small battery that came out of a spot light that i was planing on hooking up to the white wire then to lights. right now i am running a genarator light kit off of the white wire. the front puts off enough light that others can see me but i would like more as i drive home at 11:30 pm every night. i have read that you could put a zener diode and a resitor in line to make a regulator put what size's are they. i have a small meter if someone could tell me what to check for then i could build something that would work for me.


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Aug 29, 2008
Tucson, AZ USA
I have heard that the white wire puts out a very noisy AC voltage. I would not recommend hooking it up directly to a battery. I haven't tried anything yet but I suspect you would need to put a rectifier on the output and a voltage regulator in line before using it to charge a battery. You might be better off just springing for one of the brighter LED systems available for bikes.