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    hmm... while I'll agree rim brakes work "just fine" under normal/ideal conditions, I'd suggest that if you've a chance to go disc (or drum) w/o too much heartache, modification or expense - do it, you'll prolly never go back to rim brakes again.

    Even the stock "generic" cable actuated disc brakes my Mongoose came with are a dream in comparison, no wear on the rims, the pads last seemingly forever, they work just as well no matter if they're dry, wet or even iced up, I rarely even need adjust them & if I do, it's 1/4 twist of a cable adjuster & that's it - don't need to periodically change the toe in, no massive amounts of cable slack due to pad wear, no "honking" or squalling, no "sticky" arms & dragging pads... oh, and they stop me really really well lol

    While rim brakes are indeed "good enough" for many, here's an example of a "worst case scenario" - rim brakes on a high mileage winter/beater commuter, after more than 10,000 miles of outright abuse on that one bike (and yes, it's an aluminum frame & no, it never shattered) I came to the conclusion I'll never willingly buy a new bike with rim brakes again, they're just too demanding of my time and concern - it's drum or disc for me from here on out;

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    Thanks for the input LR and Barely! My motor kit arrived yesterday :)

    Brakes have been weighing heavy on my mind. As for now, since I don't plan to ride alot, I'm just making sure my rim brakes are happy as can be. Right now I'm in the process of sanding the rims to remove the paint from the braking surface. This not that much fun. I'm about an 1/8th of the way through one rim. So i"m stopping today to get a sanding attachment for the Dremel tool to speed things up a bit.

    After that I will be able to reinstall tires/tubes so that I can get the bike upright for assembly.
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    I'll be the first to tell you drum and disc are better. However if your bike doesn't have them rim brakes will stop you. I plan to make a video of me riding around Bristol Motor Speedway when they let you go around the track during Speedway In Lights. It'd be great if a few motorized bikers could do it together.
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    welcome to the form dude .my advice when buying a kit get 1 from 1 of our vendors you're on the form stay away from eBay that's a headache
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    Another good thing to do is go to youtube.com and search 'motorized bicycle kit.' You will find some helpful videos.

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