a little confused on the clutch and peddaling


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Sep 22, 2016
hey yall so i got my kit wed afternoon and got it pretty much done clutch is good and tight any movment of the handle and the clutch lever kicks in good but it seems even with the clutch all the way in i cant pedal or push the tire forward, if i play with it i can get the tire to push forward by hand but you can clearly hear the engine turning over, i had to take a break before i got too frustrated lol thanks for any and all help! much appriciated!

Just see Normans sticky on clutches ill try adjusting the flower nut.
Tighted the flower nut one turn seems nice and tight still wont work...however the chain will roll fine now jst not engage the clutch and makes the motor turn with it.

~~~Got the issue resolved after alot of reading and searching all i did was roll the bike back with me on it for a while it said crack snap and everything seems to be working right now~~~
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