A crazy idea-



Sep 8, 2008
I was working in the shop and noticed my Alanax treadle bike laying there. It is a REAL TALL frame and skinny wheels but the weird thing is the peddle cranks are 1-1/2 ft. long and travel up and down rather than around. It has a freewheeling sprocket on each sides. If I mounted the 70cc tiddler in it and overlaid the drive sprocket I would have a freewheeling bike with very little rolling resistance that ought to get incredable mileage. The caliper brakes are adequate and the treadle arms could be locked in a horizontal foreward position. My only issue is it is so tall with the seat in a fully lowered position, I have a heck of a time getting on. I'm 6 ft tall. I supose I could use the rear wheel on a regular English bike. Maybe I could transfer the treadle arms too. I also have a couple of freewheel sprockets for a 3 wheeler, I guess that might be useful with some fancy lathe work. Just thinkin' . Keith (trackfodder) Williams:rolleyes: OK__ I WAS WRONG (10/7/08) It wouldn't turn the engine for starting unless a pin was inserted to lock the sprocket to the hub.
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