98cc Villiers on a 1945 Sears Roebuck


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Feb 13, 2009
British Columbia Canada
Hi, Rick,
I remember when I joined the forum and there was a stream of questions and answers here. As you said so many of the old crowd have moved on. Loss of interest having done all they wanted with the bikes, divorce and health being the leading three. Life moves on.

Some said good bye and some just disappeared. Some reappeared later to say hello and they still had their bikes and still rode upon occasion.

Many of the suppliers closed up as well for the same reasons. Business declined or they were priced out out of their area due to the cost of doing business and decided not to continue.

It's always great to hear that Silverbear and I had some influence on the forum. I miss the fun days of Bike Camp. It's hard to believe it's been seven summers since we last got together.

All we can do is hope for the future.



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Jun 27, 2017
Your Villiers motored gem lit the spark with me after I stumbled across a pic of it doing a google search. That and Mr B's build were instrumental in me joining the forum and both threads gave me the itch to build my own bike. Thanks for the inspiration. Here's hoping you find time to turn your plan into reality and build your electric.