80cc on a trike?



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Sep 1, 2008
Milwaukee Wisconsin
HI everyone,..

I am new to the forum and I am interested if any of you have tried to or successfully mounted a bike engine on a single speed trike? I am considering mounting it in frame,.. or fabricating a bracket to mount the 80cc kit in the back where the basket would go and creating a fiberglass cover with adequate ventilation (1 or 2 forced air ventilation holes creating a air ram into the carb). I

I see spooky tooth has a really cool trike on their website with a engine mounted on it,.. the trike I have ordered has the correct frame configuration/tubing diameter to mount the engine, but I am confused as to how I connect the rear sprocket to the axle in the center next to the pedal driven one. Are there parts available to do this anywhere? any tips are appreciated!

I am looking forward to all the fun of taking this on the road,.. I am in Wisconsin and have versed myself with the law on motorized bikes.. ( which are allowed in my community thank god!)

Also.. has anyone tried to run e-85 ethanol in these motors yet? my car runs on it and i would like to try it in the bike engine...

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Jul 24, 2008
owosso michigan
Welcome to the forum! Your project sounds interesting , please keep me up to date on it! there many knoledgeable people hope they help you out. .