4 stroke clutch slipping


Jan 10, 2014
I had a 2 stroke 66cc and sold it I bought a 4 stroke kit I'v put on 40ish Miles on the engine now but I feel that the clutch is slipping. Is this normal ?

I always peddle to get it up to speed anyway but it will not move from a stopped position when I get up to top speed it seem to rev high but it lacks
a little speed. I know the 66cc 2 stroke will be faster that a 4 stroke.

Doen the clutch need to be bedded in ?
Can I tighten up the clutch ?

Burkay T Ozturk

New Member
Feb 11, 2019
Hi Scol,

It's kind of late and you probably got your answer ages ago. But here is my two cents for people who might have the same issue:

A 2 stroke engine would have roughly twice the power (those little horsies in your engine that turn the gears) of a 4 stroke engine of the same cylinder volume. So, your issue might not be a clutch slip but moving from a high power engine to a low power one. I never rode a 2 stroke, but my 4 stroke needs pedaling when climbing steep hills. If you need to pedal while on a flat road though, then your clutch might need to be adjusted.

There is a special wrench for that, which might have come with your kit. It looks like a small sickle. If not, you can buy one from various online sites. There are videos on youtube that shows how to open up the clutch and use the wrench.

I hope this helps.